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GV's First Car
Verrilli's 1st car.
That's GV, 2nd from the left.
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Established in 1968, Eastgate Motors is a showroom/museum/clubhouse open to anyone with a keen interest in cars.

The founder of Eastgate Motors, George Verrilli, has been passionate automotively since birth (loved the wheels on the bassinet). He encountered the need for an organization allowing the purchase, transfer and repair of antique, classic and sports vehicles. His home, the old Astor superintendent's cottage, had a 20 car garage with a chauffer's apartment, lift, machine shop and prep area. What better spot for Eastgate Motors?

GV race car
George at the start of the 1956 Mille Miglia, with copilot Bruno Ferrari.
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Mille medal

Eastgate's George Verrilli defines “car guy”. He has raced three times in the Mille Miglia ('53, '55, and '56), the Targa Florio and Abano. He is a life member of the prestigious Club Mille Miglia (only four other Americans have this honor).

George defines himself as “an old geezer who takes care of old cars and old women” (He's a gynecologist).

While Waiting, by Dr. George Verrilli Dr. George Verrilli

Dr. Verrilli is a practicing physician in the Hudson Valley with offices in Rhinebeck and Hyde Park. Dr. Verrilli is the creator of the "birth center" approach to in-hospital child delivery and has written several books on this and other obstetric subjects. Dr. Verrilli created the Birth Center at the Northern Dutchess Hospital which has since been used as a template for the birthing departments of many hospitals.


2006 Targa Newfoundland Rally, Globe and Mail article
Mille Miglia 1956, #243
Mille Miglia 1955, #716
“MILLE MIGLIA - The spirit of a legend”, DVD. In addition to taking orders for this DVD, the site has a very nice 8 minute trailer showing lots of 1950s as well as recent footage. An alternate, faster source for the trailer.
Mille Maglia 1953, 27 sec. clip. (Not George).



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